by Brave You

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All songs written and performed by Brave You.
Brave You is Noah Snyder, Erik Burtraw, and Alex Meylink.

Recorded at MusicMann Studios in Milwaukee, WI.


released February 26, 2016

Produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Mann.
Album art by Ethan Caliva.



all rights reserved


Brave You Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee-based rock/punk trio that writes catchy, intricate songs with a big rock feel.


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Track Name: Cavalier
We laughed and danced atop a ghost house,
swayed at the edge
with the wind to the state line.

We played cavalier,
barely standing still,
but goddamn I'm still alive.

I've laid in withdrawal,
felt my heart start and stop
and damned a brain that tore its body apart.
But this brain took me home
from these unfriendly coasts
to find a bed stateside,
undeserved new starts.

We are intrepid, we carry on.
Never just okay, all too terribly afraid,
or happy, never for long.

Someday we'll take off these clothes,
expose the marks in our bones
and find that memories both are and aren't.
They'll forget the shitty.
Construct the glory.
Summarize a life to satiate their hearts.

We are intrepid, we carry on.
We all are okay and so fucking afraid of it all.
Track Name: Here, Here
Here I am again, restless.
Holding hope like a dullard, reckless.
Those days seem foreign and harsh,
but I want 'em more right now.

Here I am again lost
in the never-ending metropolis.
These days are blurringly loud
and the sirens never stop.

It feels like I'm on a game show,
or at least I'm the host,
and all the viewers at home
shout answers in tongues I'll never know.

And when I cry out "alone"
in front of a room full of people,
I feel so stupid, too old
to hold self pity so close.

I'll find water.
I'll find a harbor.
A boat to take me anywhere.

It seems I've found all of the answers,
or maybe I've lost them all again.
I've run miles of fear and resolution.
Crises inside of my own head.
All I know is I've gotta get out of this city.
I've gotta find new company to keep.
All I need is the silence of the country,
the pounding of direction in my feet.

Take me from the city.
Track Name: Tiny Lives
Building? Merely grinding down
tooth after tooth
because it greets me with a Mona Lisa smile.
Hanging me up between responses,
to say hello or not.

So I'll walk to the edge of the world
or til my feet hit a wall.
I'll change directions as I talk to myself.
I'll race through the thousands of footsteps
I could have made differently.

We can live out our tiny lives
if we want to.
If it matters to us.
We can live out our tiny lives
and make them mean something.

I felt better when I folded under,
but this pain in my gut has been
burning for months.
I thought I'd calm and I'd compose,
but I already know,
it's 4 AM and I'm awakened alone.

She's calculated logistics for how to die.
Well, so have I
when my will slaughtered logic
like the end of the world.
But this ain't the end of the world.

We can live out our tiny lives,
make them mean something
more than all this time.

It erodes, so another mountain grows.
I'd let go, but my hands can't seem
to drop the rope.
Let go and grow.

Let's live out our tiny lives alone.
Track Name: Suspended
Shaking out on the floor next to the bed.
You laid awake. I muttered apologies.

Beating dead horse cliches,
"you're a tornado of destruction".
Barreling away
at faltering self function.

And over again
til these holes close up.
And hold my breath
as my stomach rusts.

Walking across our roof,
I was staggering realizations.
Though all my friends were there,
I lingered selfish and vacant.

I'm asking for a revival?
Good god, I'm through.

These are the most honest words I've ever said.
I don't deserve you at all.

Hidden in my drawer,
I kept the last of my perdition
and everyone I loved just shook their heads
in admonition.

My wheel will break
and break, my wheel it will bend.
My wheel will break
until I collapse again.

Out on the killing fields
I invented broken bones
and gathered up my luck
to somehow make my way back home.

I'm begging for a revival?
Good god, I'm through.

I always thought I was a better man than all of this.
Track Name: Vincent
It was a time of prayerless fatigue,
of failing emotional economy.
I laid awake, brain on fire.
The static awareness of the lost and tired.

I want the sleep of the innocent.
I want to close my eyes.

There's something sacred in the way
that this eats away my day
and tears apart my memory.
It's hell, a curse, when a brain's inert,
but it's worse when I'm alert
and I decay the day away.

There ain't no truth in this world.
There's only here and now.
There ain't no truth in this world.
There ain't no home.

If the world keeps shifting,
I'll lose my entire soul to the ozone.
The best response to collapse
is walking out alone.
So I'll walk to Lake Michigan
until I can't recall a thing.
Until you bring me back home.

I'll close my eyes,
release my mind.

There ain't no truth in this world
when I don't know my daughter's name,
when I don't recognize her face.
There ain't no truth in this world
when I don't know my own fate,
when I don't recognize my name.
Track Name: North Avenue
Truth is bitter, but there's no truth
inside of this home,
inside of these bones.
And I’ll never doubt again:

There are worlds inside of this city.
I rode the bus to ride.
To see a different kind of vision,
to flee from a wicked mind.
Saw a young man’s failing memory,
an old man’s suspended life.
And I found myself reality
when I thought that I knew it right.

I spent years writing in first person,
thought I faced down some bitter time.
Wasted minutes chasing a bullshit martyr's pride.

But it faded so fast
like it never happened.
I saw my family
in every abandoned building.

I’m not the only one who’s dying.
I am nothing! I am everything!